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Do you want to save 83% on Softorino WALTR™ PRO annually? Use the Softorino WALTR PRO coupon right here to spend only $26.98 instead of $35. Hurry up!

Price Details:

  • Regular Price: $119.4for WALTR™ PRO – annually
  • Discounted Price: JUST $20.77

Softorino WALTR PRO review:

For users of iPhone or Apple devices, a drawback that makes users feel uncomfortable during use is the limited ability to share data. iOS users will face more complications when transferring music or videos from one storage to another. Therefore, owning a file management tool will be extremely reasonable to help users do any move, copy or convert all the information they want. Softorino WALTR PRO is the most useful tool on the market. Softorino WALTR PRO is a great tool to assist users in managing files on iOS devices. A friendly interface, simple and easy to use is one of the advantages of this application. Softorino WALTR PRO allows users to download files directly from the Internet and ensures privacy by confirming a Pin code or Touch ID. Besides, you can also organize, create folders, copy or move, and even hide files that you do not want others to see.

Softorino Waltr Pro Coupon Code

Softorino Waltr Pro Coupon Code

Features of Softorino WALTR PRO:

  • Simple to use: Just select the file and then drag it to the desired folder, users can move any data in the device to a new storage place. It will remove any limitations that the iOS operating system has.
  • Support for a variety of formats: Although the main feature is data transfer, it also has very good compatibility with many different formats. Currently, this tool can work smoothly with FLAC, MKV, AVI…
  • Simpler than iTunes: Unlike the traditional way of transferring data through iTunes, it requires users to have a lot of technology knowledge. In contrast, with WALTR PRO, this software will automatically perform most of the steps to save users time.
  • No need to install additional software: All stages will be performed on WALTR PRO, so users will not have to spend extra effort to download supporting applications on their devices.

To summarize, with WALTR PRO, users will have a new way to transfer their data from one device to another without much effort.

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