40% Off Advanced Find and Replace for Google Sheets, 12-month subscription

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Take this special Ablebits coupon code to receive 40% off for Advanced Find and Replace for Google Sheets, a 12-month subscription. Hurry up to place an order and pay less!

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  • Regular Price: $33.6
  • Discounted Price: $19.99

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Last but not least in talking about this add-on function of the power tool in Google Sheets, another useful tool we would like to mention under the Ablebits collection that Finds and replaces data in Google Sheets. This is really a necessary utility that you should not skip on because of the impressive function it will bring to you. If you need to take more control of how you can search for data in Google Sheets, use the Advanced Find and Replace for Google Sheets tool. Please note that you can use Find and Replace to find what you need in the current worksheet, all worksheets, or even a selected range of cells. This Advanced Find & Replace Tool can search for a string and replace it with another string and line breaks. Just a few steps with 1,2 clicks, we can view and change the current versions that we want to restore, or change.

Some other features of Find and replace:

  • Match Case: allows you to be case sensitive in your search
  • Match Entire Cell Contents: allows searching for cells that exactly match your search term
  • Search Using Regular Expressions
  • Search within Formulae
  • Replace one or several at once time, delete or export the results to a new sheet, using one tool only
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