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Fast Browser Cleaner Review:

Fast Browser Cleaner is a useful and simple piece of software that allows you to selectively delete traces of your browser activity, perhaps erasing cookies, temporary files, or individual webpages from the history. The application includes a tabbed design that allows you to effortlessly navigate from one component to the next, allowing you to work with whatever function you require. Fast Browser Cleaner’s primary window allows you to select the application you want to focus on, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Opera, based on your preferences and what you have installed.

Fast Browser Cleaner Coupon Code

Fast Browser Cleaner Coupon Code

Main features of Fast Browser Cleaner:

  • Delete any unprotected login information (username, password, etc.) that has been saved in the browser.
  • Delete any credit card information that has been stored.
  • Delete any temporary files that websites have saved.
  • Clear the history that contains a list of websites that you have visited.
  • Remove any cookies left by websites you’ve visited.
  • Change or eliminate the browser’s undesirable search engine.
  • Home and Tab are used to change the home page.

Overall, Fast Browser Cleaner is a simple and useful tool that you may use whenever you feel your browsing activity is accumulating too much useless data, enabling you to pick what to eliminate or keep.

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