Copernic Desktop Search 5 Coupon Code and Overview

If you are looking for the best way to easily access any source of information on the Internet or any folders on your computer’s hard driver, Copernic Desktop Search 5 will be an ideal choice for you. What are notable features of this software? Copernic Desktop Search 5 is capable of searching all the data on your computer (including emails, files, music, images…) or on the Internet (URL, images, information, trading addresses…) through keywords, size, date, types of file or folder. This software provides accurate and relevant searching results with only few clicks. By using this software, you shall not have to arrange and organize the files. You can store files anywhere that you want. Copernic Desktop Search 5 will help you to set up a list of all computer data, and to promptly update whenever a file is added, deleted, or have any relevant adjustments.

Copernic Desktop Search 5 Coupon Code And Review

Key features:

  • Search for files by name and content of files and emails
  • Keep your information private
  • Track down that file stored on network and external drives
  • Support for quickly accessing the data on the computer and the Internet
  • Optimize searching features, etc.

Pros: Copernic Desktop Search is a fast and efficient searching tool, its interface is the most user-friendly and powerful. This software is very easy to install and easy to use.

Cons: Some features of Copernic Desktop Search are limited in the free version.

System requirements:

Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8

Price: 49.95 USD

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Copernic Desktop Search is an intuitive application that provides a powerful search engine on your desktop, targeting local files, local contact and emails, browser history and favorites.

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