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Price Details:

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Avira Password Manager Pro review:

Password is the worry of most users because sometimes we cannot remember all the passwords of many applications that we are using. Because security is a top priority, users often use highly complex passwords or the application or website itself requires users to set a password that has different special characters to improve the security of the account. It is for those reasons that make it difficult for users to remember so many passwords of such complexity. We recommend that users use a software product that can help users do all the hard work on it, which is Avira Password Manager Pro. Avira Password Manager Pro is Avira’s new password manager utility. This tool is integrated into the Google Chrome browser to help users access the web quickly, conveniently, and safely. By releasing a new version, Avira Password Manager Pro has been greatly improved and supplemented by the famous software manufacturer Avira such as supporting fingerprint and face ID authentication, two-factor authentication, data encryption when paying online, and restricting access if not the owner.

Avira Password Manager Pro Discount

Avira Password Manager Pro Discount

Key features:

  • Remember all your passwords and protect them with a master password.
  • Provides a password report with feedback on the strength of each password.
  • Auto-fill ration with browser extensions for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.
  • Ensure data security with two-step verification.
  • Check the security of the websites you have registered or are using
  • Analyze the security of your current password and notify if you are using weak passwords or duplicate previous passwords
  • Send notifications to you as soon as the software detects your data is compromised
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