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Price Details:

  • Regular Price: $29.95
  • Discounted Price: $11.98

Product Information:

If you want to hide your files and folders from others curious, then Wise Folder Hider Pro is an optimal choice for users. This is an application from the software company WiseCleaner that provides users with the most professional file and folder hiding program. Through using this program, you can hide your files and folders and protect them by setting a password. The software brings a sense of security to users with excellent file and folder hiding features. You can ensure that no one knows where those important files and folders are located on your computer. This program uses two-layer encryption to hide your files. Wise Folder Hider Pro uses an advanced encryption algorithm, making the process of user information as enhanced as possible. Especially for those who have some confidential files, using Wise Folder Hider Pro will make sure that they are completely at peace of mind because hidden files will be absolutely guaranteed.

Wise Folder Hider Pro Coupon

Wise Folder Hider Pro Coupon

Features of Wise Folder Hider Pro:

  • Secure private data for users with advanced encryption algorithms
  • Hide private files, pictures, videos, and other personal data from your computer
  • Safe and convenient to modify protected files
  • Easily hide data with just one click
  • Dual password support makes you hide Files & Folders more secure
  • More secure and convenient to modify protected files
  • User-friendly interface
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