Get Archiver 2014 for Free License Key

ARCHIVER 2014 is a powerful utility suite for managing, compressing and decompressing files and multimedia. Archiver is the most comprehensive compression utility on the market! It supports 13 compression and 39 decompression formats. It has enhanced control over every step of the archiving process which makes it number one software in its category.

Archiver 2014 For Free License Key


– Software has the most supported packing/unpacking formats (13 compression and 39 decompression formats)

– Very intuitive interface

– Lots of unique features (File sharing, FTP etc.)

– Produces the smallest ZIP file because of unique awarded algorithms

Archiver is a software product for all PC users. It’s a very easy to use with lots of options for everyone needs

Get Archiver 2014 for Free License key

At present, is offering customers a copy of software Archiver 2014 for free license key. Take some simple steps, you can get it immediately.

Step 1: Access to Giveaway Page to get Archiver 2014 without charge.

Step 2: Fill out the following form and click Get free button (mandatory fields are marked with asterisk, *).

Get Archiver 2014 For Free License Key

Get Archiver 2014 For Free License Key


Step 3: You will receive a free key of  Archiver 2014 instantly, and an e-mail with free serial number and program download URL on the e-mail address you specify.

Get Archiver 2014 For Free License Key


Note that the license key of Archiver 2014 cannot used for installation made after December 1st, 2014.

You can download the software from the following url:

Your copy of software is entitled to free updates.

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