Top 5 Best DVD Ripper Software

Among thousands of technology developers for PCs, you would probably feel confused about their reliability and the software effectiveness. Several programs do not include a free trial so you cannot experience it fully before paying. We get that it can be disturbing, thus we have prepared a tailor-made list of top 5 best DVD ripper for you to consult and decide the finest.

1. WinX DVD Ripper

You might be surprised to learn that this official DVD ripper from WinX DVD was developed from 10 years ago with more than 70 millions users worldwide up until now. It is capable of providing a powerful resolution to process your raw DVDs into over 350 formats.

Top 5 Best Dvd Ripper Software 1

Top 5 Best Dvd Ripper Software 1

Its output profile has a list of devices for your DVDs to be transformed into suitable files. We appreciate the simple interface and fast processing time of the WinX DVD Ripper to achieve your target output in only around 5 minutes.

WinX’s highlight features and why it should be your choice of DVD ripper

  • Fix playback errors on encrypted and regional DVDs.
  • Effectively eliminates black bars.

Weighing the Pros and Cons of WinX DVD Ripper

Pros: Full hardware GPU acceleration.

Cons: Cannot process scratched DVDs.

Price: $29.95

The WinX DVD Ripper appears to be quite limited since it is not able to rip DVDs that have scratches on. However, we understand that only a certain number of ripping software can operate damaged DVD discs. Other than that, its pricing is obviously much less to compare to the program value in general.

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2. DVDFab DVD Ripper

Next up is an optimal DVD ripper comes from the well-known developer DVDFab, which is quite easy to take advantage of on both Windows laptop and Macbook. One quick ripping task via the DVDFab DVD Ripper, we believe you will be able to view the hard disc in a completely new format in no time.

Top 5 Best Dvd Ripper Software 2

Top 5 Best Dvd Ripper Software 2

You are granted with a total control of the start and end chapters throughout DVD conversions. Furthermore, we advise you to purchase the DVDFab Enlarger AI separately to support this program as it can upscale output video quality up to 1080p HD.

DVDFab’s highlight features and why it should be your choice of DVD ripper

  • Personalizes your watermark in the clip.
  • Ability to rip several files at once.

Weighing the Pros and Cons of DVDFab DVD Ripper

Pros: Smart task queue manager.

Cons: Complex plan subscriptions.

Price: Divides into 2 pricing plans

  • 1 Year: $54.90
  • Lifetime: $79.00

We approve of the variable license options that DVDFab DVD Ripper provides to suit with multiple customer needs. Nonetheless, sometimes too much is not so good since it requires users to go through a complex procedure to switch between its subscriptions.

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3. WonderFox DVD Ripper

Without doubt, the WonderFox DVD Ripper is definitely worth to be placed on our list as an best DVD ripper. Differs from those regular programs that can only handle basic tasks with DVDs such as trimming, applying filter and ripping them into another format, this one automatically balances the compression ratio, output file size and high definition.

Top 5 Best Dvd Ripper Software 3

Top 5 Best Dvd Ripper Software 3

The WonderFox DVD Ripper also removes region code protection from your raw DVDs, which is a helpful feature when it comes to strict copyrights. Overall, we highly recommend you to give this software a shot to prove itself.

WonderFox’s highlight features and why it should be your choice of DVD ripper

  • Compatible with new formats like Plex or Wii U.
  • Excludes unwanted ads from videos.

Weighing the Pros and Cons of WonderFox DVD Ripper

Pros: Absence of redraw issues and crashes.

Cons: Inability to rip old DVDs.

Price: Divides into 2 lifetime pricing plans

  • Single license: $29.95/1 PC
  • Family license: $69.95/3 PCs

For a simple and optimal DVD ripping resolution like the Wonderfox DVD Ripper software, it is indeed pleasant to share the technology with your family members and friends. You should not rip old scratched DVDs via this program as it unfortunately cannot process discs in such downgraded shape.

Only $24.95 for WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro Lifetime

4. Tipard DVD Ripper

If you are already a loyal user of the developer Tipard, have you ever tried their awesome DVD ripper software? Of course, when you decide to rip DVDs via this program, you can adjust the original footage and add extra video effects with its 3D settings before the output. We know for sure the fact that Tipard DVD Ripper supports batch conversion will be a thing to impress you.

Top 5 Best Dvd Ripper Software 4

Top 5 Best Dvd Ripper Software 4

It is guaranteed to provide a conversion speed almost 6 times faster than ordinary. This helps to save you a lot of time to finish your DVD work without long waiting that makes you insanely impatient.

Tipard’s highlight features and why it should be your choice of DVD ripper

  • A built-in player to snapshot video images.
  • Can convert the latest Blu-ray DVDs.

Weighing the Pros and Cons of Tipard DVD Ripper

Pros: Watch a clip bundle at once.

Cons: Does not support 1080p HD/4K output.

Price: Divides into 4 pricing plans

  • 1 Month: $19.95
  • 1 Year: $36.37
  • Lifetime license: $48.51
  • Lifetime family license: $69.95/5 PCs

You can see that its pricing plans are really versatile depends on different personal needs. Again, this is seriously one fascinating software to be used by all of your family members with up to 5 PCs at once to convert DVDs.

50% Off Tipard DVD Ripper for Windows

50% OFF Tipard DVD Ripper for Mac

5. Aimersoft DVD Ripper

Last but not least, we cannot miss out the popular developer Aimersoft with their best DVD ripper program. It becomes much more convenient now that you are capable of extracting background music and audio tracks from DVDs to other formats. There are over 175 presets ready for conversion.

Top 5 Best Dvd Ripper Software 5

Top 5 Best Dvd Ripper Software 5

Take notice that your DVD ripping task should serve personal use only. If you convert protected DVDs for commercial use, it may lead to copyright violation so we should avoid it in the first place.

Aimersoft’s highlight features and why it should be your choice of DVD ripper

  • Creates a new DVD movie library on iTunes.
  • Customizes ripping modes as wish.

Weighing the Pros and Cons of Aimersoft DVD Ripper

Pros: Removes common DVD restrictions.

Cons: Limited Windows system support.

Price: Divides into 2 pricing plans

  • 1 Year: $29.95
  • Lifetime license: $49.95

We see that this is quite a bargain considering how effective the Aimersoft DVD Ripper is. It can also provide you with a neat DVD arrangement on iTunes, which is not a typical function among other DVD ripping software.

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How do you feel about our top 5 all-in-one DVD ripper? Their performances have all been through our careful examination to your advantage. Have fun using these DVD ripper software with your family and friends. Thank you for reading.

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