Top 6 Best PDF Editors for Windows

During the process of editing and sharing documents for your friends or co-workers, we bet that you guys must have had trouble with PDF files at least once. Have you ever thought about making use of professional PDF editors for a whole office or your family to share? Let’s refer to our list of 6 best PDF editors for Windows to decide which one suits you the most.

1. Wondershare PDFelement

The first optimal PDF editor is built from the famous developer Wondershare. Its Optical Character Recognition technology makes things easier to quickly turn a scanned PDF file into editable text or images. Merging and splitting documents in PDF mode are simplified in this program with a few clicks. In case you need to store and secure data for later use, this PDF editor for Windows has certain password levels for them so no one else can access.

Top 6 Best Pdf Editors For Windows 1


Wondershare’s highlight features and why it should be your choice of PDF editor

  • Allows free hand-drawing tools.
  • Provides digital signatures or handwritten ones.

Weighing the Pros and Cons of Wondershare PDFelement

Pros: Removes restrictions from protected PDF files.

Cons: The lack of Mac support.

Price: Free download.

There are more than 25 languages that Wondershare PDFelement can read in PDF documents. It serves personal and commercial use to your advantage.

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2. PDF-XChange Editor

In order to claim personal possession for your materials, you should use the software called PDF-XChange Editor to add custom timestamp verification on them. The developer has kindly offered us to alter between Classic or Ribbon UI for a favorable interface. It is truly a feature-rich program for PDF editing. Creating new PDF files from scratch is a task which it is capable of completing easily. Your being a bit low-tech is not a limitation to PDF-XChange Editor.

Top 6 Best Pdf Editors For Windows 2

PDF-XChange’s highlight features and why it should be your choice of PDF editor

  • Has the Optical Character Recognition function.
  • Provides fillable PDF documents.

Weighing the Pros and Cons of PDF-XChange Editor

Pros: Offers different forms of comments and annotations.

Cons: Inability to edit scanned documents.

Price: Download for free.

The program has been proven to increase rendering and page loading speed from your input PDF files. It certainly saves time for you through the process.

3. IceCream PDF Editor

Intriguing like its name, our 3rd PDF editor for Windows from the developer IceCream grants us overall management of PDF pages by reordering, combining and splitting them, etc. It is perfectly unlimited for you to draw shapes and lines into your PDF documents whenever you feel the need to do. IceCream PDF Editor even provides us with a restriction to edit and copy PDF files, as a safety measure to prevent others from stealing your personal data.

Top 6 Best Pdf Editors For Windows 3

IceCream’s highlight features and why it should be your choice of PDF editor

  • Adds custom stamps to strengthen proofreading.
  • Editable file metadata.

Weighing the Pros and Cons of IceCream PDF Editor

Pros: Adjust PDF objects freely.

Cons: Default watermark of the developer.

Price: Download the free version or upgrade to Pro for a lifetime license of $29.95.

We see that this program includes all of the most basic PDF editing tools and a minimal interface, which is undoubtedly ideal for newbies to experience it.

4. Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

We believe that most office users no longer feel unfamiliar with the power of Adobe in the present. People are not fond of this developer and their PDF editor for Windows for no reason. This software is capable of converting any current format of your material into a fillable form to make things convenient. Differs from others, Adobe Acrobat DC has a completely free trial for potential users to test its function before they decide to purchase it as a periodic plan.

Top 6 Best Pdf Editors For Windows 4

Adobe’s highlight features and why it should be your choice of PDF editor

  • Converts a PDF file into JPG images.
  • Syncs your signature for later documents.

Weighing the Pros and Cons of Adobe Acrobat DC

Pros: Developed a free mobile app.

Cons: Not found yet.

Price: Separates into 2 pricing plans

  • The standard for Windows: $15.97/month
  • Pro for Windows and Mac: $18.43/month

With Adobe Acrobat DC, it can collect e-signatures by sending documents online for your recipients to sign straight on their tablets or smartphones.

5. Perfect PDF Editor

Perfect PDF Editor is one of the software which lives up to my expectations the most, as it supports both Windows Office 2016 and JavaScript. This version is mainly compatible with Windows 7 on your laptop. It operates to search text inside PDF documents as well and that means much less memorizing for you. To support a large number of users worldwide, this program allows you to switch between 4 popular languages: English, French, German and Italian.

Top 6 Best Pdf Editors For Windows 5

Perfect’s highlight features and why it should be your choice of PDF editor

  • Comments in the form of 3D scenarios.
  • It offers a text recognition tool.

Weighing the Pros and Cons of Perfect PDF Editor

Pros: Direct image editor on PDF files.

Cons: The lack of Mac support.

Price: Separates into 4 license types

  • Customized package: 39.99€/license
  • Family package: 99€/3 licenses
  • Office package: 299€/10 licenses
  • Company package: on request for over 10 licenses

As you can see, Perfect PDF Editor contains a variety of pricing plans for different groups of customers.

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6. Movavi PDF Editor

Our last program of PDF editing is from another well-known developer Movavi. Movavi PDF Editor handles routine PDF tasks easily without leaking your private information and data. We know that online personal privacy has been threatened for a while now and choosing this software is clearly a wise move. There are a lot of vocations that can be involved in Movavi PDF Editor to finish their work, for instance, accountants, students, engineers, and architects etc.

Top 6 Best Pdf Editors For Windows 6

Movavi’s highlight features and why it should be your choice of PDF editor

  • Built-in template library for legal documents.
  • Gathers files from multiple software into one.

Weighing the Pros and Cons of Movavi PDF Editor

Pros: Provides PDF form filling.

Cons: Not found yet.

Price: $29.95

In our opinion, this is a fairly reasonable price for a PDF editor for Windows like Movavi’s software. We expect you to develop faith in Movavi like us soon.

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Those were 6 best PDF editors for Windows which we could not hold back but urgently share their benefits with you. We hope you are totally satisfied with the useful information acquired via this article. Thank you for reading.

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