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Whether you are professional or non-professional and need a light and fast yet powerful graphic design tool, MyDraw is a great choice. It is considered as an easy to use yet robust tool to help you create a large range of templates and diagrams including flowcharts, organizational charts, mind maps, network diagrams, floor plans, family tree diagrams, business model diagrams, flyers, certificates and more. What more? It is the perfect fit at the right price. However, you will save even more if use the newest and greatest MyDraw coupon code at the checkout.


Key Features:

The powerful tool has the following features:

  • MyDraw is cross-platform, with versions for Windows and macOS and has been designed to be similar to other Microsoft Office® products.
  • Spell checking – a build it spell checker that works in the language of your choice.
  • User Interface Localization – you can switch the user interface of MyDraw to English, Spanish, German, Russian, Chinese, etc.
  • A number of Automatic Layouts to help you quickly arrange your diagrams.
  • Numerous shapes for diverse business, scientific, home and educational diagramming scenarios.
  • MyDraw features Visio drawings and stencils import and export. This makes MyDraw a perfect tool to view and edit Visio drawings and stencils.
  • You can print and export to PDF your MyDraw drawings.
  • Rich Text and Tables-control over the text font, text styles, paragraph alignment, bullets, and numbering

Additionally, the next version will include the following improvements:


This version introduces the SideBar UI component, that helps you edit various aspects of the selected objects.

You can use the SideBar to:

– specify exact size, position, dimensions, end-points of the selected shape

– format the geometry and text of the selected shapes.

2.Visio import and export improvements:

– Support for shape shadow import and export.

– Export of tables as grouped shapes in Visio.

– Various bug fixes and small improvements.

3.UI improvements:

– Quick access toolbar added to the ribbon: The palette color picker in color dialogs replaced with a more user-friendly hexagon color picker.

– Color pickers across the UI replaced with theme color pickers so that changing the theme of the page can affect the coloring of the shapes.

4.Localization improvements

– Improved UI translations.

– Localization dictionaries now include a setting for the desired font size and for the Chinese and Japanese languages a larger font is used to make them more readable.

Pros: It’s extremely easy-to-use and full of functionalities. The library is huge and fits all professionals’ needs.

Works light and fast. It has great support and good value for money.

Cons: Only Windows and Mac OS are supported

Operating System:


OS: Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 (32-bit & 64-bit)


OS: Mac OS 10.7 or higher

Price: $69 for a perpetual license key


Special Offers for you:

MyDraw normally costs $69 for both Windows and Mac OS. Ordering MyDraw online is safe and secure. You can check out securely by using your credit card, or by using PayPal. To save 20% ($13.8) at the checkout, take advantage of MyDraw coupon codes right here. Just visit here to copy and paste code or use the promotion links which are available here.

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Only $55.2 instead of $68 for MyDraw for Windows

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