Top 6 Best Karaoke Software for Your PC

Many individuals like singing karaoke as a kind of amusement. However, instead of purchasing karaoke equipment, you may utilize your computer entirely. The days of karaoke being performed on hardware-based devices are long gone. They aren’t adaptable enough. And if you’re still sailing on the old boat, you should upgrade to karaoke software right away. If you’re apprehensive to start karaoke, check out these best karaoke software list for a variety of platforms, including Windows devices, PCs, Android smartphones, and more. In addition, we’ll tell you which karaoke software package is best for pros, enthusiasts, and others. Choosing a software program for your business or karaoke routine is a big decision. Although karaoke appears to be all about having fun and playing games. For many individuals, it may be a serious business, and the producers of this program understand that having the finest options and features means that more people will use their software.

1. PCDJ Karaoke

If you’re seeking the greatest professional karaoke software for your Windows PC, PCDJ Karaoke is the way to go. This program is compatible with all contemporary Windows operating systems, including Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP. This is an excellent alternative for KJs or professional DJs because there is no registration necessary and the program is only available for a one-time cost. Furthermore, it provides a free trial so that you can check if it meets your expectations.

Top 6 Best Karaoke Software For Your Pc Top 1

Top 6 Best Karaoke Software For Your Pc Top 1

Main features of PCDJ Karaoke:

  • It has an additional lyrics export screen
  • The integration function of Karaoke Cloud Pro
  • There are two built-in song stores where you may buy and download songs
  • You can change the key of the track
  • There is a large search support library included
  • There is a vocalist rotation option as well as a solo singer mode
  • Displays the following five vocalists on the screen (configurable)


  • All of the music that you have loaded into the player for the current session are shown
  • The menu colors can be changed
  • You may import M3U playlists
  • PCDJ Karaoke may be used with the remote touch screen terminal


  • Requires users to have a deep understanding of music
  • Device configuration requirements

Price: It offers a 14-day trial version, $99 for a full-paid version

Supported OS: Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 (8.1) / Windows 10 / Windows 11

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2. Kanto Karaoke

Kanto Karaoke is able to support almost all kinds of video and other multimedia formats at the present time including popular formats like MP3, KAR, and many more. Also developed and released exclusively for Windows operating system, Kanto Karaoke is one of the best karaoke software on the computer right now. Along with that is a lot of support features, allowing you to save your vocals, as well as save your performances.

Top 6 Best Karaoke Software For Your Pc Top 2

Top 6 Best Karaoke Software For Your Pc Top 2

Main features of Kanto Karaoke:

  • It supports the majority of multimedia formats, including MP3, MIDI, KAR, and MP3 + CDG
  • Karaoke video codecs such as AVI and WMV are supported
  • Double-click the song in the playlist or open it from your computer
  • Kanto Karaoke also has recording capabilities
  • Convert MIDI to MP3
  • Backup Playlist
  • Background song effects
  • Dual Display
  • Song history
  • Equalizer available


  • Simple and easy to use IU
  • Easy to learn to sing and also gives you practice exercises
  • Utilize a CD+G player
  • Playlists are limitless
  • Full-screen mode and audio editing
  • Applause or the mocking effect


  • The Free Version allows you to load a maximum of five songs into a playlist
  • The backdrop of the lyrics cannot be changed, and the maximum duration of the recording is only 60 seconds

Price: Kanto Karaoke offers a free version with limited features for Mac and Windows OS. It costs from $49-$69 for the personal and professional versions for Windows and Mac.

Supported OS: Both Windows and Mac operating systems.

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3. Karafun Player

Did you know Karafun is the most popular karaoke app? That’s correct. The free version provides you with 30 seconds of each song as a sample. A subscription grants you access to over 35,000 tracks. You may control the key and pace, as well as add singers as desired.

Top 6 Best Karaoke Software For Your Pc Top 3

Top 6 Best Karaoke Software For Your Pc Top 3

Main features of Karafun Player:

  • Drivers with advanced skills
  • DJ mode for Karaoke
  • Custom key & tempo
  • File administration
  • Song recording and playback are supported
  • A wide range of background music and effects are used
  • KaraFun also supports font effects, text processing, music sources, and supporting pictures


  • There are almost 45,000 studio-quality songs
  • Devices with a second screen are supported
  • Can play MPEG, MIDI, and other formats
  • It is compatible with all devices
  • There are songs that are unfinished.
  • Quick and light Installation file


  • It is necessary for the user to have a diversity of voice methods.

Price: Starting from 9.99 $/month subscription

Supported OS: Requires Windows 7 or above, Requires Mac OS 10.12.1 (Sierra) or later, iOS, Android, Android TV, Fire TV Stick.

4. Karaoke Builder Player

Karaoke Builder Player is a free and quick application that plays CD+G and MP3+G files. The displayed words correspond to the music and change color as the song proceeds. Karaoke Builder allows you to create your own songs and then sing them live on a virtual stage. This program will assist you in selecting the music you wish to perform and will let you upload it to the system via your PC. The app works with all versions of Windows.

Top 6 Best Karaoke Software For Your Pc Top 4

Top 6 Best Karaoke Software For Your Pc Top 4

Main features of Karaoke Builder Player:

  • The application window can be stretched and resized
  • Full-screen mode or utilize the regular 5 preset windows: 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, and 5x
  • CD+G functionalities are fully supported, including fades and scrolling – precisely what you’ll see when playing karaoke tracks on a CD+G player
  • Copy still photos from CD+G tracks quickly and easily
  • To play music in Windows Explorer, double-tap it


  • It has a dual-screen
  • Quickly search for music
  • Make a playlist of your own
  • Music with easy-to-read lyrics


  • The Pro version is expensive

Price: Free for Karaoke Builder Player, $99 for Karaoke Builder Studio, $39 for Karaoke Builder Audio Toolkit, $69 for Karaoke Builder Classic

Supported OS: Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10

5.  Siglos Karaoke Player

Siglos Karaoke Professional is a software package designed specifically for karaoke servers (KJs) to operate their performances flawlessly from their computers. The application’s UI may appear sophisticated at first, but because it was designed for experts, it is really simple to use.

Top 6 Best Karaoke Software For Your Pc Top 5

Top 6 Best Karaoke Software For Your Pc Top 5

Main features of Siglos Karaoke Player:

  • CD+G discs may be played straight from the CD-ROM drive, as well as CD+G music (MP3+G and ZIP) from the hard drive
  • Play MIDI Karaoke music
  • Change the song’s key to fit your voice
  • Take notes on what you sing
  • Play the songs you sang backward
  • To organize music, use playlists
  • To enjoy Karaoke, use full-screen mode
  • Two-screen mode is supported, with one for singing and one for management
  • Play from Youtube
  • Search Karaoke from the Internet


  • Backups are performed automatically
  • It is accessible to both corporations and people
  • Notify me if the backup fails
  • The recuperation procedure is straightforward.


  • Users have few options due to the lack of functionality
  • In the trial version only the first two minutes of the song will be played

Price: $99 for Siglos Karaoke Professional

Supported OS: It works on Windows 8 and Windows 7, however, Windows 10 or Windows 11 is recommended. It will not work on Mac.

6. kJams

kJams may be a fantastic alternative if you’re seeking the best karaoke software for your windows computer. One noteworthy feature is that it is extremely comparable to iTunes. This app is a useful tool for downloading your favorite songs and singing in karaoke format. It also lets you share your songs to other iOS devices, such as the iPhone or iPod, where they may be played in any format.

Top 6 Best Karaoke Software For Your Pc Top 6

Top 6 Best Karaoke Software For Your Pc Top 6

Main features of kJams:

  • It works like iTunes and is simple to use
  • The tune fades away on its own
  • iTunes’ auto-fade feature (or any scriptable Python app)
  • Manual rotation gives you total control over the KJ
  • Make “Custom” tunes that serve as transitions between performers.


  • Any file type can be executed
  • Song management, for example
  • Hardware that is wired or wireless is supported
  • There are several sorts of songs
  • Many sound effects can be changed.


  • Only works on a computer
  • It will be quite expensive to upgrade to the premium version.

Price: $40 for kJams Lite (Karaoke Software for House Parties, or Private Events), $110 for kJams Pro (For public performance, professionals, and the serious fanatic)

Supported OS: Mac OS X and Windows OS

The karaoke applications listed above are among the best karaoke software that the table has to offer. These applications may be found and installed on your computer or phone using operating systems such as iOS or Android. I hope you discover the appropriate product for your amusement requirements soon.

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